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    Enterprise Culture


    Corporate vision: to be a healthy guard of a better life!
    Corporate mission to improve the living environment, care for the beauty of the city,and create a century old Licheng!

    以人為本 -- 企業文化的核心


    Since is establishment, Licheng environmental protection has established he 'people-oriented" strategy, which alfaches great importance to the cultivation and use of talents.
    以質為根 -- 質量是企業生存的命脈

    Quality higjly valued-Quality is the lifeblood of enterprise survival

    Licheng environmental protection has been constantly exploring and innovating. and has built a high-performance feam. The company regularly holds quality technical seminars for experts to learn and share experience together.
    客戶至上 -- 企業文化的靈魂

    Customer first-The soul of corporate culture

    To improve the quality of service and customer-centric as the company's long-term strategy.
    創新爭先 -- 企業發展的源動力
    通過技術創新、商業模式創新、管理創新,打造有害生物防制業民族品牌的領軍企業。 Innovation first-The motive force of enterprise development
    Through technologicalinnovation, business model innovation and management innovation, we will build a leading enterprise of national brand in pest control industry.

    共同成長 -- 企業員工成長的平臺

    Opportunities to grow together-A platform for the growth of employees
    The growth and development of Licheng people are consistent with the enterprise tenet, values and development goals of Licheng and strive to build the core competitiveness of Licheng en vironmental protection,in order to meet the challenges of enterprises and society.