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    Preventive disinfection
    環境解析 Environmental Analysis
    The risk of cross-infection is hidden everywhere in people's work and life. Harmful microorganisms threaten people's daily life through various transmissions, and affect people's health,enterprise productivity,efficiency and safety.Effective prevention and disinfection can kill harmful microorganisms that may exist in the environment, reduce the chance of people contacting pathogens to infect infectious diseases, protect the health of employees and prevent cross-infection, and ensure a healthy and safe production environment and a safe eating environment.
    解決方案 Solutions

    Disinfection of all links of cold chain logistics: According to the characteristics of cold chain food production and operation sites and relevant national requirements,disinfection schemes can be formulated at the links of port inspection, transportation unpacking and warehousing. wholesale and retail etc., to implement preventive comprehensive disinfection treatment , record the disinfection work in detail. and to issue disinfection treatment reports.

    Preventive disinfection in public places: During the epidemic period of the virus or at the request of customers, preventive disinfection should be carried out on the surfaces of all objects in the indoor environment of public places such as schools, hospitals supermarkets, shopping centers, hotels. restaurants, office buildings. bookstores hotels and restaurants. Different and the disinfection report should be issued.

    Preventive disinfection of vehicles: During the epidemic period of the virus or at the request of customers, different disinfection schemes are adopted for the normal operation of public transport vehicles such as airplanes, trains, long and short distance buses,buses, subways,ships to carry out preventive disinfection.