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    Professional pest management for hotel industry
    環境解析 Environmental Analysis
    The tall buildings of hotels provide an extremely comfortable living environment for pests .Such environment is featured by constant temperature and humidity, rich food and water sources ,complex structure ,various pipelines ,and adequate habitat space .In particular, the hotels, integrating catering with entertainment, seem to be a more suitable place for pest habitat due to abundant food source and adequate habitat space .ln addition, pests will be easily carried indoor in such places owing to large flow of people and commodity.

    解決方案 Solutions

    Rodent pest control: To prevent outdoor rats, hotel-surrounding habitat would be controlled by bait station The anti-rodent measures would be investigated and improved in case of any deficiency. To interrupt the entrance of rats, the long-used glue traps or bait in the piping shafts and cable wells should be monitored. The rodent activities indoors should be monitored especially in the kitchen, dining room, and warehouse.

    Cockroaches control: Periodic inspection of the breeding places for cockroaches should be carried out including warehouses, restaurant, kitchen, and guest rooms. Tools may be set if necessary.

    Mosquitoes and flies control: The management of breeding places both indoors and outdoors is the key method for mosquitoes and flies control Space spraying process may be applied when adult mosquito densitvis high.

    Other pests control:Determine the breeding source and destroy the breeding conditions .lf breeding source is unavailable,physical blocking and chemical kill shall be conducted to reduce the density.

    Publicity education: Provide customers with pest control training free of charge to improve the overall customer awareness of pest control.