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    Professional pest management for Supermarkets and food retail industry

    環境解析 Environmental Analysis
    Supermarkets(quantity stores) are comprehensive stores that integrate daily necessities, grains, oils, fruits, vegetables,cooked food,food on-site cooking, processing and sales ,and catering.The presence of pests directly affects the shopping environment and food safety. The complicated building structure ot a supermarket enables rodents enter into the supermarket easily from the cable trenches, drains,and lower edge of doors. In addition, the wire ducts, exhaust pipes and lighting pipelines at the top of the store provide a good passage for rats. The processing operations, such as cakes, soy products, braised products, pastries in the store have rich food sources with many gaps, creating favorable conditions for pests' habitat and breeding.
    解決方案 Solutions
    Rodent control: install mouse traps in key locations such as warehouses, food processing areas, and check regularly.Chemical methods are used to establish drug belts in indoor cable trenches and pipelines.

    Cockroach control: efficient and environmentally friendly killing baits should be placed at the areas storing cooked food and vegetables,and regularinspections for other places should be done.
    Mosquitoes and flies control: the control of breeding grounds is the most effective method to control mosquitoes and flies.Pay attention to indoor trash cans and the sewage system should be treated regularly to prevent breeding. lf there is a high adult mosquito density,space spraying can be used for treatment.

    Publicity and education: Provide customers with free pest control training to improve their overall pest control awareness.