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  • 全國免費服務熱線: 400-006-5511


    學校專業蟲害管理 School specialized pest management

    環境解析Environment Analyzing


    The complex school environment allows the existence of several pest habitats and reproduction places, for example, the sewer system is easy to breed mosquitoes; the trashes and public lavatories are ready to breed flies; and rodents and cockroaches in
    dining hall. However, the challenge before us is that we have to focus on school safety issues. Therefore, in addition to pest control, schools should follow the principles of source control. What needs urgently are to adopt the principle of prevention in the daily work, and to minimize or escape the use of chemicals.

    • 鼠類控制:重點控制好食堂超市的鼠害,定期進行檢查和處理。對于室外活動的鼠類,需要定期對室外綠化內棲息場所檢查,查看是否有鼠洞,一旦發現立即處理。
    Rodent control: dining hall and supermarket remain the critical control place where should be inspected and processed on a regular basis. For outdoor rodents, it is necessary to conduct penodically check of the outdoor green habitats so as to confirm of the rat holes. If necessary, immediately treatment shall be conducted accordingly.
    • 蟑螂控制重點:蟑螂控制重點也是在食堂,定期進行檢查,必要的時候投放餌劑。
    Cockroach control emphasis: cockroach controlis emphasized on dining hall with regular check. Place klling bait when necessary.
    • 蚊蠅控制:蚊蠅控制需要定期對室外垃圾房、垃圾桶、下水道、小型積水進行處理,殺滅成蟲。對于已知的蚊蠅棲息場所進行滯留噴灑進行長期預防,成蟲密度較高的封閉區域可以使用超低容量空間噴酒。
    Mosquitoes and flies control: it is required to carry out regular treatment for outdoor garbage rooms, trashes, sewer, and small- sized accumulated water for the purpose of killing adult pests. For known habitats, residual spraying shall be made forlong-term
    prevention. The enclosed area with higher adult density can use ultra-low volume space spraying method.
    • 定期巡檢:定期巡檢發現有不完善的防護措施及時提醒客戶方完善和修復。
    Regular inspection: regular inspection is to identity inadequate protective measures and timely remind customers to per-form improvement and repair.
    • 宣傳教育:為客戶提供免費的蟲害控制培訓,提高客戶整體的蟲害控制意識。
    Propaganda and education: provide customers with pest control training free of charge to improve the overall customer awareness of pest control.