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    Supermarkets and food retail industry professional pest management

    環境解析Environment Analyzing

    Supermarket (hypermarket) is a sales and catering premise where integrating general merchandise, grain, oil, fruit, vegetables,cooked food, and food on-site cooking. The presence of pests directly affects the shopping environment and food safety. The
    supermarket building structure is usually more complex. Therefore, rodents can enterinto the supermarket from the cable trenches, drains, and lower edge of doors. In addition, the top-located wire ducts, exhaust pipes and lighting pipeline provide rodents favorable channels. The processing operations, such as cakes, soy products, halogen products, pasta'and other food,have rich food sources with multi-gap, creating favorable conditions for pests' habitats and breeding.


    • 鼠類控制:在倉庫、食品加工區等重點部位安裝捕鼠裝置,定期檢查。室內各電纜溝,管線內使用化學方法建立藥物帶。
    Rodent control: for warehouses, food processing areas and other key positions,mousetrap shall be set that under regular inspection. Indoor cable trenches and pipelines shall be equipped with pesticide strips by chemical methods.
    • 蟑螂控制:重點在熟食區、蔬菜區定期投放高效環保的餌劑進行控制,其他區域定期巡查。
    Cockroach control: efficient and environmentally friendly klling baits shall be placed at the area storing cooked food and vegetables, and regularinspections for other places.
    • 蚊蠅控制:孳生地的控制是最有效控制蚊蠅的方法,重點注意室內垃圾桶,下水系統定期進行處理,預防孳生,如有出現成蟲密度較高的情況,可以采用空間噴灑進行處理。
    Mosquitoes and flies control: breeding place control method is the most effective one to control mosquitoes and flies, with emphasis on indoor trashes and sewer system on a regular treatment to prevent their breeding. Space spraying process may be used where adult mosquito density high.
    • 宣傳教育:為客戶提供免費的蟲害控制培訓,提高客戶整體的蟲害控制意識。
    Propaganda and education: provide customers with pest controltraining free of charge to improve the overall customer awareness of pest control.

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