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    Hotel industry professional pest management

    環境解析Environment Analyzing

    The high buildings of hotels provide an extremely suitable living environment for pests. Such environment is featured by constant temperature and humidity with rich food and water, complex structure, various pipelines, and adequate habitat space. Especially
    the hotels integrating with dining and entertainment seem to be a more superior place, possessing abundant food source and adequate habitat space. In addition, such places enjoy relatively large flow of people and logistics, easily carryover the pests indoor.

    • 鼠害的控制:酒店周圍棲息地采用毒餌站,控制室外鼠,調查防鼠措施,對不完善的防鼠措施進行改進,隔斷鼠內進入室內的通道,對管道井,電纜井長期使用粘鼠板或者餌劑進行監測,重點關注廚房,餐廳,倉庫的鼠類活動情況。
    Rodent control: hotel-surrounding habitat shall be controlled by bait station to prevent outdoor rats, to investigate the antirodent measures, to improve the imperfect rodent control measures, to interrupt the entrance of mice. For piping shaft and cable
    welllong-term using glue traps or bait, such areas shall be monitored, focusing on the kitchen, dining room, and warehouse rodent activities.
    • 蟑螂控制:蟑螂容易孳生的倉庫、餐廳、廚房、客房等定期檢查,如有需要施放藥械。
    Cockroach control: periodic inspection shall be carried out for the breeding places including warehouses, restaurant, kitchen, and guest rooms. Tools may be set if necessary.
    • 蚊蠅控制:室內外孳生地控制是蚊蠅防制的關鍵,局部成蚊密度高時可采用空間噴灑處理。
    Mosquitoes and flies control: the management of indoor and outdoor breeding places is the key method for mosquitoes and flies control. Space spraying process may be used where adult mosquito density high.
    • 其他蟲害控制:判斷孳生源頭,破壞其孳生條件,無法從源頭解決的.采取物理阻斷和化學滅殺,降低密度。
    Other pests control: determine the breeding source and destroy the breeding conditions. If breeding source unavailable, physical blocking and chemical kill shall be conducted to reduce the density.
    • 宣傳教育:為客戶提供免費的蟲害控制培訓,提高客戶整體的蟲害控制意識。
    Propaganda and education: provide customers with pest control training free of charge to improve the overall customer awareness of pest control.


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