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    Hospital professional pest management

    環境解析Environment Analyzing

    Hospitals have high density and fast flow of people. Generally, hospitals are equipped with sick wards, restaurants, pharrnacies,and others. The intemal building is flled with pipelines with complexity underground sewer system, providing convenient conditions for the breeding of pest. In addition, there are a large number of hospital patients and medical waste. The high harmful bacteria density is likely to cause the rapid spread of the disease.

    • 鼠害控制:室外建立化學藥物帶,室內重點關注食堂的鼠害活動,在建筑物管線周圍安裝監測裝置。
    Rodent control: exterior chemical pesticide strips shall be set up; while emphasis is paid on the dining hall. The building pipelines surrounding are equipped with monitoring devices.
    • 蟑螂控制:重點在病房及食堂,定期檢查,必要的情況下投放藥物進行預防。
    Cockroach control: the sick wards and dining hall from the key points where shall be inspected regularly. If necessary, place rat poison for prevention.
    • 蚊蠅控制:首先是室內外孳生地(如垃圾桶、垃圾房、下水系統、景觀水體、盆景等)的檢查與控制,定期投放藥物。對于蚊蠅的棲息場所采用滯留噴灑進行處理,做好防蚊蠅措施的檢查,及時的提醒客戶方完善和改進。
    Mosquitoes and flies control: first, check and control of indoor and outdoor breeding places (such as trashes, rubbish rooms,sewer system, landscape water, bonsai, etc.), and regularly place rat poison. For mosquitoes and flies habitat, residual spraying isthe best method to fulfill appropriate inspection measures against mosquitoes and flies. Timely remind the patients and their relatives to improve and perfect.
    • 其他蟲害:一旦出現其它有害生物,第一時間了解習性,并制定專用的解決方案,將蟲害風險降到最低。
    Other pests: once other harmful organisms occurred, the first task is to understand their habits, and then develop specific solutions to minimize the pest risks.
    • 宣傳教育:為客戶提供免費的蟲害控制培訓,提高客戶整體的蟲害控制意識。
    Propaganda and education: provide customers with pest controltraining free of charge to improve the overall customer awareness of pest control.