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    Professional pest management of business properties

    環境解析Environment Analyzing

    辦公樓大都地處商業區,周邊環境容易孳生老鼠、蟑螂、蚊子和蒼蠅等有害生物;辦公樓內部各單元之間由電線、網線、中央空調通風管等管道連接起來,這種結構很適合老鼠的活動和藏匿。另外,在空調的作用下,辦公區域內環境的溫度保持在15- -30攝氏度之間,這樣的環境不僅給人創造了- -個舒適的溫度,同時,也給蟑螂創造了一個非常適合生存繁殖的環境,這就導致目前很多辦公樓內蟑螂非常嚴重,特別是德國小蠊已成為辦公室內的最嚴重害蟲之一。
    The office buildings are mostly located in the business districts, The surrounding environment is easy to breed pests such as rats,cockroaches, mosquitoes and flies; the intemal office units are connected by wires, cables, central air- conditioning vent pipes and pipelines. Such structure is very suitable for mouse activities and hiding. In addition, the air-conditioned temperature of the environment in the office area is maintained at between 15- -30 degrees Celsius. This environment is providing a comfortable temperature for people; while creating a suitable environment for the survival and reproduction of cockroaches. This is the reason why so many office buildings are confronted with serious cockroaches, especially Battella germanica has become one of the most serious conditions in the office.
    • 鼠害控制:鼠害控制著重公用區域,控制好鼠害的活動通道,鼠類密度自然降低。對于局部業主出現鼠害情況,需根據現場特別處理。特別注意高配,弱電機房的鼠害控制。
    Rodent control: rodent control shall put focuses on the common area. It is best to control the channel of action to reduce the rodent density naturally. For several owners encountered with rodents, special treatment is needed as the circumstances may
    require. High-tension distribution and weak current rooms are the critical places.
    • 蟑螂控制:重點控制茶水間,公共衛生間,定期檢查,施放誘餌。
    Gockroach control: pantries and public lavatories are the key components of cockroach control where shall be checked regularly and place with klling baits.
    • 蚊蠅控制:重點控制地下室、室外綠化帶,室內綠化景觀水體,垃圾桶垃圾房預防蚊蠅的孳生,對于地下室及室內的其他蚊蠅孳生地可以采取滯留噴灑措施。
    Mosquitoes and flies control: emphasis shall be laid on basements, outdoor green belts, indoor green landscape water,trashes,and garbage rooms to prevent mosquitoes breeding. The basements and otherindoor breeding places shall be controlled by residual spraying.
    • 防護措施的完善:定期對客戶方的防鼠、防蚊蠅措施進行檢查,及時指導客戶方完善和改進。
    Improvement of protective measures: regularinspection shall be conducted to check rodents, mosquitoes and flies control measures at customers side; timely guidance for them is required to improve and perfect their work.
    • 宣傳教育:為客戶提供免費的蟲害控制培訓,提高客戶整體的蟲害控制意識。
    Propaganda and education: provide customers with pest controltraining free of chargertO improve the overallrr customer a wareness of pest control.