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    Termite control service

    建筑前白蟻預防Pre- construction Termite Prevention
    建筑物預防白蟻工程技術是根據白蟻種類和保護對象的不同,綜合運用生態防治法、生物防治法、物理機械防治法、化學滯溜防治法和檢疫防治法中的有關方法,創造不利白蟻生存的環境,阻止白蟻的孳生、蔓延、侵襲,提高保護對象抵抗白蟻的能力,使之免遭白蟻的危害。所采取的防蟻技術措施,從建筑物的設計、場地清理和建筑物建筑施工中入手,用較少的投資,換取長時間( 15年以上)不發生白蟻危害,其效果是事半功倍的。
    Buildings anti-termite engineering technology is based on different termite species and protected objects, comprehensively uses related methods in ecological control method, biological control method, physical and mechanical control method, chemical stagnation control method and quarantine control method, and creates environment adverse to termite survival, to prevent breeding, spread and invasion of termites, improve protected object' S ability to resist termites, and keep it away from termite hazards. The anti-termite technical measures taken start from building design, site cleanup and building construction, use less investment in retum for a long time (over 15 years) of no occurrence of termites, the effect is a multiplier.

    建筑后白蟻防制After-construction Termite Control
    In termite harm area, for buildings which have been completed and put into use, because no termite drug treatment has been taken in building process, termite harm will happen sooner orlater. Such buildings? termite control measures incl- -ude: first,create environment adverse for termite survival, in general, ventilation, translucent, drying and other measures shall be taken to eliminate indoor humidity, indoor environment shall be frequently cleaned, to clear all wastes and garb-age which can trap termites,staircases and dark comers shall not be stacked with firewood and debris,outdoor venue shall not be stacked with dead branches,wastes or construction timber; second, you shall prevent invasion of termites, especially in termite breeding and clustering season,you shall take swatting, light trapping or drugs killing and other me-thods to eliminate flying winged reproductive termites, and prevent new termites colonies from being produced; it is imp- ortant that after termite harm is found in buildings, you should invite professional and technical personnel in time to take effective control and eliminating measures, elimination of termites requires professional technologies, special tools and effective drugs, professional and technical personnel will take symptomatic treatment
    according to specific circumstan-ces of the scene, types of termites, and extent of termite harm. So households shall pay attention to protect the scene, not to tamper with termites fly hole, and prevent termites from continuously spreading and invasion.